Halliday and I geocache on the weekends. It’s great exercise and a challenge with a reward! Nowadays all you really need is a smartphone. We have been doing this since handheld GPS devices were popular. I think everyone will find geocaching fun, especially kids who seem to like the treasure-hunt aspect of it. We like … [Read more…]

iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Although the iPhone 8 and iPhone X look terrific and will almost certainly be a step forward from the iPhone 7 series, an inexpensive iPhone 6 or 7 will probably replace my iPhone 5: more bang for the buck and a decent camera when I don’t have my Canon PowerShot s100¬†(a terrific backup camera, even … [Read more…]

Planes Dad Built

As some of you know, my Dad, Ronald Nakatsuji, passed away earlier this year. A former USAF fighter pilot whose final posting was at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, near where my brother and I grew up, he left behind a large collection of hand-built, radio-controlled (RC) aircraft. I’m trying to find a good … [Read more…]

Wedding in Winnipeg

Over the Labor Day weekend, I provided the photography and some videography for a long-time friend’s wedding. Some of you know Jim Mansfield from CRi, Caliper, or PerkinElmer (when we worked together). He is now Global OEM Business Development Manager for¬†Andor Technology. Jim and April Mansfield (née Rogers) are now enjoying a tour of Italy. … [Read more…]