I enjoy discovering how people work within the scientific research community and what they need in order to accomplish their goals.

My immediate objective is to work full-time for a company where I can direct the development and/or marketing of a disruptive technology or product in the life sciences research or general photonics field across the curve of adoption, being unafraid and making every effort to cross the early-adopter to early-majority chasm. I would love it if the product improves people’s lives in a profound way.

My long-term objective is to continue to work within the worlds of art and science to create marketing material that both informs and inspires.

Specialties: Multidisciplinary projects involving teams of scientists, engineers, and marketing specialists to create and optimize solutions for real-world needs. Obtaining and analyzing voice-of-the-customer feedback to understand market needs and the needs of individuals. Interests: photography in both the visible and the near-infrared wavelength ranges, digital video production, exploring and Geocaching®.




Download current portfolio of creative work (.PDF, DropBox, 48MB)

Contact me for examples of individual project items.