NuPET™ System at BIOTIC

BIOTIC (Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre) is a hospital-based medical imaging research center in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada. Owners of one of the first NuPET™ MR-compatible PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners made by Cubresa, BIOTIC utilizes small-animal models of disease in order to help develop more effective treatments for human patients.

I spent two days videotaping and capturing still images around the powerful magnetic field of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system in the preclinical imaging laboratory. Getting too close would cause the cameras to stop working and sometimes drain the batteries immediately. A challenging mission, but one that resulted in footage used in a number of videos like the one below for marketing and sales purposes.


Cooledge TILE versus LED Tape

Here is a fun video to show the ease of installation of the Cooledge Gen 2 product: a race between Cooledge TILE vs LED Tape in identical 5×7 foot light boxes. This was performed at Elevation 3D. The installer was given equal amounts of training in both methods (about 20 min). Tina Pankievich, my colleague at Cooledge sourced the LED Tape material, drivers, and accessories on Amazon, and we set up the “race” using some lightboxes that were about to be shipped to a tradeshow right afterwards. Of course, we only re-used the winner!


Cooledge SURFACE Installation in the Office

What kind of company would Cooledge be if we did not have our own product installed at our office? This video shows how quickly and easily a SURFACE luminous surface can be installed by only two people. Check out the “before and after” pictures in the beginning and notice the bright yet comfortable and immersive light at the end of the video.



Dad’s RC Modeling Hobby

My dad, Ronald Nakatsuji, passed away in February. His passion outside of work—although, in a sense part of his work as a USAF fighter pilot—was designing and building RC (radio-controlled) model aircraft. Nearly all of his projects were scratch built, often down to the hand-carved propellers or ducted fans. I would appreciate your ideas on any museums, schools, or other venues that might be interested in receiving a donation from our family of his planes, tools, or extensive reference material.

Note: I did receive a very considerate note from the Pacific Aviation Museum declining the opportunity due to space concerns. Since they are located near Hickam Field, his final posting now part of Joint Base Pearl Harbor, I thought of that museum first.


Drone Training Flights

Halliday and I have a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone that we are learning to fly. The weather in New England has not cooperated with us lately, but we recently flew our drone at Echo Bridge in Hemlock Gorge in Newton, over Spy Pond in Arlington, in Saxonville, and in Waltham. Update: a quick flight over Quincy Quarries Reservation.