Halliday and I geocache on the weekends. It’s great exercise and a challenge with a reward! Nowadays all you really need is a smartphone. We have been doing this since handheld GPS devices were popular. I think everyone will find geocaching fun, especially kids who seem to like the treasure-hunt aspect of it. We like … [Read more…]

Animated GIFs

I found a great resource for web and social media design: an online animated GIF creator. Instead of relying on Adobe or industry-specific products like inviCRO’s VivoQuant™, you can use the very simple online tools on A great alternative for fast but high-quality GIF creation. Here are some instructions specific to turning a YouTube video … [Read more…]

iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Although the iPhone 8 and iPhone X look terrific and will almost certainly be a step forward from the iPhone 7 series, an inexpensive iPhone 6 or 7 will probably replace my iPhone 5: more bang for the buck and a decent camera when I don’t have my Canon PowerShot s100 (a terrific backup camera, even … [Read more…]

Planes Dad Built

As some of you know, my Dad, Ronald Nakatsuji, passed away earlier this year. A former USAF fighter pilot whose final posting was at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, near where my brother and I grew up, he left behind a large collection of hand-built, radio-controlled (RC) aircraft. I’m trying to find a good … [Read more…]

Added to Marketing Page

I just added material to my Marketing page. I thought that I’d mention Lee Pickering and April Cashin-Garbutt, two people who work at AZO (A to Z) Networks, who I had the privilege of working with. Lee and April helped fulfill part of my marketing plan to boost Cubresa’s visibility. Cubresa’s presence in the form … [Read more…]

Wedding in Winnipeg

Over the Labor Day weekend, I provided the photography and some videography for a long-time friend’s wedding. Some of you know Jim Mansfield from CRi, Caliper, or PerkinElmer (when we worked together). He is now Global OEM Business Development Manager for Andor Technology. Jim and April Mansfield (née Rogers) are now enjoying a tour of Italy. … [Read more…]